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PermaGrin Films (June 2014)

PermaGrin Films (June 2014)

Rad new video made by PermaGrin Films using our RockStix2 Colour Change LED Light Up Drumsticks. This will blow your mind!


Filmed & Edited by www.PermaGrinFilms.com They shot about 200 still images and created this video using some techniques in After Effects. Each photo had a 2 sec shutter speed and they manually triggered the flash when they felt the drummer was in a unique position. They then organized similar photos and used twixtor to blend the two, three or even 4 photos, applying as low as a 1% speed to the clip.  The results turned out psychedelic and with some creative editing they managed to create this piece.


Drummer - Anthony Olyaee




We are manufacturers of light up drum and stage gear.

We manufacture RockStix Motion Activated LED Light Up Drumsticks and the revolutionary Neptune Lighting Systems.

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