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RockStix2 Heavy Duty Upgrade Service Kits

RockStix Heavy Duty Upgrade Service Kits

RockStix Heavy Duty Upgrade Service Kits enable you to change the colour of your existing RockStix or replace worn out light units and end caps. The RockStix Upgrade Service Kits also fit into old FireStix light up drumsticks giving you the option to upgrade to the superior heavy duty and brighter RockStix light units.

Each kit includes:- 2 x Light Pods, 6 x Batteries (LR44), 2 x End Caps and 2 x Lock Screws


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    Vibration sensitive Cymbal Light. Flashes with each Strike of the Cymbol. Available in a range of colours: red, blue, green, white, pink, purple and orange Are designed to fit modern cymbal stands and light up with each cymbal strike for dazzling effects.


We are manufacturers of light up drum and stage gear.

We manufacture RockStix Motion Activated LED Light Up Drumsticks and the revolutionary Neptune Lighting Systems.

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